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I have been detained by the CBSA and have my first Detention review. What can I expect?

Question of the Day: I have  been detained by the CBSA and have my  first Detention review. What can I expect?

Detention Review is a hearing before the Immigration Division Member to review the detention. After the review the member may either order a continued detention or the release of the detained person. The detained person may either represent themselves or may hire a counsel. The detainee may also have access to a legal aid lawyer.

At the review you or your counsel will have a chance to explain your side and ask questions. If you consider some of the information presented by the CBSA officer to be incorrect you should say so and provide an explanation.

You or your counsel may also ask the member to release you from detention. To support your request propose an Alternate to Detention Plan. This plan can include conditions for release such as having a bondsperson, living with a specifies person etc, reporting to immigration authorities etc. The stronger this plan the better are your chances for release.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to message or email at

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