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Permanent Residence on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds?

Can I make an Application for Permanent Residence on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds?

Assessments for this kind of application are very case specific, but some of the factors to consider while accessing the strength of your case are:

· You do not meet the requirements of any other immigration category.

· Length of your stay and degree of establishment in Canada;

· Are you working in Canada, your level of financially stability here;

· Your level of integration into Canadian society;

· You have family members living in Canada;

· Best interest of any children involved;

· You speak French and/or English, if not are making efforts to do so;

· Are you volunteering in Canada;

· Are you furthering your educational or vocational skills in Canada;

· If you return to your home country, you would suffer hardship;

· The country conditions of your home country are adverse to your return;

· You have no way to reintegrate your home country should you return;

· Your inability to leave Canada has led to your establishment in Canada;

· You have very unique and exceptional circumstances for wanting to remain in Canada

When considering this type of application, the officer has a very high level of discretion, therefore it is very important,you make sure  that every possible dimension of your case is properly analysed and put across with adequate evidence.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to message or email at

Shivani Sidhu

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