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Strengthen your Spousal Application

Here are some tips to strengthen your spousal application: 1. Success of a spousal sponsorship depends on how well you prove the genuineness of a relationship. To make a strong spousal sponsorship application make sure you include lots of evidence supporting this. 2. Include relevant photographs of you as a couple and both of you with friends and family. It is best to try and include pictures of various stages of your relationship. 3. Get to know each others family and have them provide reference letters confirming that your relationship is genuine and that they know both of you as a couple. 4. Explain all any problem areas such as a difference in age, etc. 5. Make sure you have everything in order and have reviewed all the forms and collected all the documents on the checklist. 6. Lastly, make sure all the forms are signed or your application will be returned.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to message or email at

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